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Our dyes are natural, organic and skin friendly.


Cutch produces the most illustrious golden browns and warm fawns. Cutch is historically derived from the heart of a cutch tree located in Asia. This dye creates the colour KHAK (khaki), an Indian word for dust, earth, and ashes.


Fustic is a tree found in the forest of Brazil and the West Indies. This dye produces the warmest yellows straight from the heartwood of the tree. Combined with other dyes, it produces a nice range.

Gallnut mixed with Iron

Gallnut is found in an Oak tree, it produces Oak Galls- a defence against insects which lay their eggs in punctures they make on weaker branches. Once harden, the tannin rich gum from the tree becomes gallnuts. Naturally this dye produces darker colours such as greys and black but with Iron it saddens the colour even more with a darker effect.

Logwood mixed with Iron

Logwood is a tree found in the beautiful forests of Central America. Dyeing with Logwood is so fun and easy, a small amount goes a long way. We decided to mix it with Iron to give it a darker feel and improve the lightfastness.


This is a copper compound extracted from stinging nettles. This dye is very strong and also takes a small amount to produce the most amazing range of greens.


Lac can be found in Asia as the dye is extracted from scale insects. This dye has been used for hundreds of years producing soft ranges of reds.