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Gender Neutral

Our company beliefs promote self love and creating looks that can work on any body. We offer lucid silhouettes and effortless styles to be utilised during many occasions. We aim to lookout for the planets’ well-being by also providing confidence, comfort, and a freedom of self expression in every piece we create.

Natural Dyeing

No harmful chemicals in the processing or dyeing of the fabrics. Utilising natural extracts from plants and the elements around us for an all natural feel. Every piece is hand dyed organically and has its own exclusive look.


Our ethos is to create a positive impact on the environment by lowering our carbon print and handcrafting our products locally. As well as offering some of the best organic and eco friendly materials with sustainable branded packaging.


It starts here with Bad Habits. The goal is to provide the most ethical way of living. Our approach is to design meaningful pieces that impact the world. the biggest take on this is working to improve both the environment and your way of thinking. Ultimately, the road of bad habits is positivity... living in a world where clothes don't define you but make you feel and look good. Every piece is custom dyed with care and emotions. Only limited quantities are produced as exclusivity is the key to minimising the waste. All materials and trims are eco-friendly, and the dyes are natural extracts from planet Earth itself. Live in your piece, and learn that your body and identity don't define who you are. You are perfect just being your natural self.

Breaking Bad Habits...