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Helpful tips on best methods to give your Bad Habits items the most care.

See below for the best recommendation from our team and note this is also listed on the care label for your reference.

Depends on what type of customer you are in regards to the washing methods. To keep your item in the best condition we recommend the below:

We recommend to hand wash with a natural washing detergent or ph neutral soap in cold or room temperature water.

However if you are customer that is much more relaxed about their pieces, feel free to throw it in the washing machine at 30 degree cycle but still make sure to use natural detergent. We recommend a separate wash for the first few times as this is a plant dyed item and there could be crocking or rub off to happen as it is apart of the normal process.

Our team at Bad Habits London wash all of our items at this cycle and we make sure to dry (items inside out) at the lowest spin to avoid more tension with the item. We prefer the natural changes that the piece goes through the cycling process as gives it more character and personality.

We ask to please DO NOT dry clean. Dry cleaning chemicals really harm the environment and it does not meet the message we stand for at Bad Habits London. Our goal to focus on bettering the environment and we need your assistance to make sure we all can make a difference.

More helpful tips below:

    • Your clothes have already gone through a shrinking process to be preshrunk- they will not shrink so don't worry.
    • It is apart of the natural process for your clothes to change a bit overtime. Exciting streaks or different colours are all part of the natural changes!

Enjoy your Bad Habits piece as if it is your second skin. Cool and exciting pieces that are comfortable are the most important to us. Have a dance, a good chat and make ton of memories that you can share with us. We can't wait to see you soon!